• TI Projects for AIDS Awareness.
  • JSY/ RCH
  • WCD Programme
  • Road Safety
  • Child Labour/ Education
  • Swadhar

TI Project

Stop AIDS keep the promise. A rally being organized by MGPS in observance of World AIDS Day (each year).MGPS has been organizing time to time AIDS Awareness Programmes about Concept, Symptoms and Precautions to prevent HIV. The main stress is being laid upon the FSW's/IDU's .Targeted Intervention Population with FSW's/IDU's is running with kind assistance of NACO.TP is being provided with STI/ STD treatment maintaining their confidentiality. Blood samples are collected and sent to NICD Delhi, for verification. Many HIV positive patients are brought in networking with MGPS and were referred accordingly to ICTC or ART centre respectively.


Educating High Risk Groups about AIDS and Counselling to opt for Healthy behaviour.


Counselling, Testing , Abscess Management/Treatment, Advocacy meetings with stake holders, networking, Drop In Centre, health servicies,GD's and FGD's.

Main Outcomes:

Before our work the condom usage among them was nil now it has been raised up to a greater extent. Approximately 70% of the population alloted by the State AIDS Control Society has been tested for HIV .

Evaluation and results:

Meeting with peers, out reach workers and counsellors. There is Awareness among the population and a good rapport is being built with the population. The population is now motivated and using safety measures and healthy behaviour.

The organization is working under kind financial assistance of NACO/ HACS to run TI/ FSW ( 500 no.s). Project since october 2008-2009 with Grant Sanctioned 10,65,800 /- which was received through two installments by cheque of Rs 6,02,150/- and Rs 4,21,379/- respectively.

For the year 2009-2010 the organization has been sanctioned Rs 9,27,300/- out of which it has received the first installment of Rs 4,77,229/- respectively.

For the year 2010-2011 the organization has been sanctioned Rs. 12,37,600 for 800Female Sex Workers against letter no. HSACS/ TI/ 2010/ 8641 dated 20/12/2010 for the tenure1st October 2010 to 30th September 2011 by Haryana State AIDS Control Society and the organization is also working under kind financial assistance of National AIDS Control Organization/ Punjab State AIDS Control Society (500 FSWs and 100 IDUs) the grant sanctioned Rs 11,76,850 against letter no. PSACS/ NGO/ 201/ 2075/ 85 dated 31/05/2011 for the tenure 1st May 2011 to 30th April 2012.

For The Tenure 2012-13 The Organisation Has Received Rs. 6,33,050/- As The First Installment For IT/FSW project Kindly Supported By HSACS / NACO.

Morning glory public society has received grants for 2014-2015 from Haryana state AIDS control society for targetted Intervention project Rewari with target of 800 FSW with Sanctioned amount of Rs 18,94,222/- i.e Rupees eighteen lakh,ninty four thousnd, two hunderd twenty two only.

MGPS has received grants for 2014-2015 from Punjab State AIDS control society for targetted Intervention Project at Ferojepur (pb) with Target of 250 FSW's and 250 IDU's with sanctioned amount of Rs 19,19,600/- i.e Rupees Ninteen lakh ,ninteen thousand, six hunderd only and also for targetted Intervention Project Kapurthala ()pb target of 700 FSW's and 250 IDU's with santioned amount of Rs 25,12,550/- i.e Rupees twenty five lakh, twelve thousand, five hunderd and fifty only.


MGPS lays stress on skill development for rural. Search for peers to work for the groups. Motivate other to improve their skill in particular. During past years the organization organized various REDP's in states like Punjab, Himachal and Haryana under kind assistance of NABARD Chandigarh.

MGPS also lays stress on skill development initiative programmes unskilled youth. During past years the organization organized various SDI programmes under kind assistance of NABARD Chandigarh. The youth is first trained in particular skill and helps them to get linked with banks for loans.


To risen the income generation activities of women and make them competent enough


Skill Development programme (SDI/ SDP) and Rural Entrepreneurship Development programme were conducted.

Main Outcomes:

Ladies are doing well in society after getting vocational training and raised their income generation activities.

Evaluation and results:

Personal of the organization kept close check on these activities and motivate them. There is awareness among the ladies and a rapport is being built within them which helped them in making there own self help groups.


In order to reduce MMR and IMR with the help of organization and initiated the Janani Suvidha Yojna. This scheme includes private health providers with objectives of improving the accessibility of good quality antenatal, natal and post natal services to pregnant mothers of urban slums. To improve technical quality of maternal and child health services and provides good quality contraceptives, vaccines and other supplies to urban poor.


Upliftment of unemployed youth and safe deliveries of newborn through Janani Suvidha Yojna and the objective of Reproductive Child Health programme:

  • To improve the health status of pregnant women and reduction in maternal mortality.
  • To improve the health of children up to 5 yrs. And reduction in infant mortality.
  • To promote family planning methods for spacing of children and reducing the birth rate.
  • To improve sex ratio by discouraging female feticide.
  • To improve the health status of adolescent girls and their sensitization on RCH issues.


10 Sakhis in the areas for the follow up till the deliveries in their respective areas.

Main Outcomes:

In last three years even not a single abnormality has arise with the newborn.

Evaluation and results:

There is a supervisor on those sakhi's and with project coordinator. The work was appreciable and still running.

WCD Programme

The organization organizes health check up camps time and again in the community especially for women. These camps are organized in the areas where a need is felt and for poor women to go to far off areas for their treatment and health check ups. Awareness camps are organized time to time in urban slums and rural area concerned to Female Feoticide, Gender Sensitization, and Education etc. The organization is always putting efforts to improve the economic as well as social status of women and to improve the health status of children.

Special attraction:

Camps for STI/ STDs females who hesitate a lot to go for a check up.


Health Practitioners are there to give their services. Various Vocational Training programme were organized

Main Outcomes:

In last three years even not a single abnormality has arise with the newborn and the benificiaries trained under various skill development programmes after honing the skills raised their socio-economic status.

Evaluation and results:

Road Safety

Accident on roads, are increasing every minute and hour, keeping in view its importance the organization launches many road safety awareness campaigns. MGPS distributed free reflector fixing eye checkup camps for drivers and distributed spectacles. Nukkad Nattaks (Plays on Street) and Puppet shows were organized with effective and entertaining scripts and reflecting different signs and rules.


To risen the safe behaviour on roads and safe driving.


Seminars, Lectures, Road Shows, and puppet shows on streets.

Main Outcomes:

The population is having awareness about the rules and regulation on road.

Evaluation and results:

Personal of the organization kept close check on these activities and motivate the population. There is awareness among the population and made them to follow safety measures on road.

Child Labour/ Education

The organization build up awareness among parents on the misuse and dangers associated with child labour. The organization also organizes the campaign to educate and enlighten community on the need to discourage child labour and by providing facility for non- formal education centers for the reduction of child labour as well as to care the children of migrant labour living in pockets. MGPS also focus attention on the vulnerability of children to any kind of diseases, drug addiction.

MGPS laid full stress on education for Drop out children and those who have never been to any school to financial problems with parents especially for girls. MGPS is running alternative and innovative education centres and AIE/ vocational centres. Monthly training are also provided to volunteers, working as teachers. The education will help them to be sensitive, intelligent and integrated.

Special Attraction:

An education centre for the children of FSW's who are denied admissions to school due to their profession.


Motivate and streamline the children for formal education for their better future.


Alternative Innovative Educational Centre was opened in areas. Children were admitted to government or private institution. Education material and instructor along with mid day meal was provided to them. Health camps were also organized at Brick Klins along with that distributed First Aid Kits

Main Outcomes:

More than 70% of the slum children are still continuing their formal education.

Evaluation and results:

Over time government evaluation was done. Follow ups, Monthly Meetings were conducted. The work was appreciable and having a sustainable centre.

"Swadhar" Counselling Centre

The organization has been counselling family disputes. Counsellors appointed try their best to patch up the differences among them. Beside this the society organizes various legal awareness programmes. The society is running a counselling center for Both (Men & Women).

Beside this all the Organization is running:

Rural Awareness Genaration Programme:

A very low percentage of people taking advantages of their rights. MGPS Personnel's along with the field workers deputed in the villages made contact with potential as well unemployed youth arrange discussion in individuals and in small groups, motivated them to take full knowledge of each right (women rights). Motivate them to get aware them of heir legal rights and guide them as per need.

Income Generation Activities:

MGPS has formulated self help groups. MGPS ensure income generation activities by credit linking with banks. MGPS is working for the activities among them so as to upgrade and improve their economic as well as social status.

3) Cultural Awareness:

Promotion of cultural activities among community is very essential in present scenario. People are loosing interest. MGPS is trying to put its efforts to aware general masses regarding different believes, customs, values through cultural activities which involves Plays, puppet shows, Nukkad nataks, folk dances etc. MGPS also organizes seminars, competitions, debate among students to motivate them in cultural activities.


MGPS provide Immunization against Diphtheria tetanus, Whooping Cough, tuberculosis to all women. Typhoid vaccine and Polio Drops are also provided to all children. Children are also immunized against Measles.

Environment Awareness Programmes

Mornig Glory Public Society successful organizes environmental awareness campaign taking school children as targeted groups. The Targeted Groups are educated/ awarded for their role they play to control pollution, proper use of water, etc. because they act as catalyst to spread the awareness. Morning Glory Public Society also lays stress on plantation and planting trees in schools, colleges, hospitals and cremation grounds since 1998.